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The Tree of Life Bible Society is proud to present an even deeper way to experience the Word of our God: TLV All-Access! When living the Bible becomes just as important as reading it, we offer real-world uses of Biblical lessons to help you seek His face every day and not just at services.

What does TLV All-Access include?

Subscribing to TLV All-Access means getting everything the TLV Bible Society has to offer!

TLV All-Access includes everything already available in the free version, plus:

  • TLV Biblical Art Collection, including all 101 illustrations

  • Expanded #Shabbatlife with recipes, printable Biblical calendar, unique video content for the Biblical feasts, and other practical tools to deepen your understanding of the Word as you walk in His ways

  • TLV Treasures printable lessons with a weekly video, coloring pages, printable holiday crafts, and weekly TLV Talk Parsha Videos

  • Hidden treasures found in the TLV Bible with Daniah

  • Scholar Video series

How much does it cost?

TLV All Access is available for your monthly donation of $4.99 USD. The base version of the TLV Bible App is available free of charge.

Is my subscription be used on other devices?

Yes! You can access your TLV All-Access subscription in multiple places, depending on your platform.

For iOS

  • Any device that uses your Apple ID gains access to your subscription.

For Android

  • Any Android device you login in with using your Google/Gmail account gains access to your subscription. (up to 5 devices)

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